India’s 1st Inclusive Learning Content

Special Edge is a partnership program that offers inclusive learning materials and methodology that can be implemented in a classroom to address needs of children with learning lags.

Special Edge content is based on National Curriculum Framework (NCF) 2005 thus making it acceptable across India.

The Problem

More than 50% of children in India have learning lags!
Learning lags due to

The Solution

Inclusive learning materials and methodology

A Decade of Research to Develop Special Edge

Special Edge Partnership Program

Sol’s ARC Partners with

To provide

Inclusive learning materials

Program Framework


Monitoring & Evaluation

Special Edge Impact

Sol’s Arc through its partner Educate Girls, is a part of DIB, and is responsible for learning outcomes of 18000 children in rural Rajasthan. UBS Optimus Foundation is the investor and ID Insight is the outcome evaluator. The internal results show the following.

  • 75% students improved their learning levels and moved to upper grades.
  • Overall student grade gain improved by 61%.

We await the third-party evaluator results by May 2017. Stay posted. To know more visit

What’s Next in Special Edge? (2017-20)

Phase wise content completion by 2020

Phase wise Digitization of content

200000 beneficiaries by 2020

Advocacy for inclusive policies

Stories from the ground

When Team Balika*, Bhojraj Kanwar, rst met Vinita and Varsha, both would slightly huddle together in the corner of the classroom. The girls came from families living out of daily wages to make ends meet. Sol’s ARC developed Gyaan Ka Pitara (Trunk Of Knowledge) a program for Educate Girl’s DIB (Development Impact Bond) project in Bhilwara, Rajasthan. After months of solving worksheets and doing activities, the girls are condent to read story books that were lying unused for the last 2 years.

*A volunteer with Educate Girls.

Photo Credit: Educate Girl’s

Ayushi who was part of the Sol’s ARC program at Jai Vakeel was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. Doctors told her mother not to have high expectations for her future. The mother fought against all odds and made sure she went to school. Today, Ayushi is a condent child, with dream of becoming a teacher herself. With a smile on her face and a tear of joy the mother shares, “Ayushi imitates her teacher and teaches me something new each day. I am proud of her.”

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