India’s 1st Associate Vocational Degree Program For Special Needs Adults

Pathways is a 3-year Associate Vocational Degree Program with academic and industry certication, providing a career path for young special needs adult.


80-90 percent of the developmental disability
adults of working age are unemployed!



What we do in Pathways?

Job mapping & curriculum development

Accreditation from academic & Industry partners

Industry engagement & mentoring

Pathways Program

The program provides an opportunity to develop skills in four sectors, Food Industry, Information Technology, Education and Retail. Simultaneously the student will also gain life and social skills with the support of a life coach.

The students and parents will be connected to placement agencies for employment opportunities.


I am pleased to conrm my participation and cooperation to Sol’s ARC and will assist and guide to execute and roll out project pathways.

– Chef Sanjeev Kapoor

Voices from the Ground

Mohit was 25 and diagnosed with intellectual disability when he came to Sol’s ARC. Mohit was provided support & training in I.T for the year of 2015. As part of a small pilot, he was placed with Real Image, a media rm and learned how to duplicate movies. Today, he goes to ofce thrice a week and he receives a salary, making his mother proud.

Mohit at his st assignment at real image.

What’s Next in Pathways? (2017-20)

Sector Mapping Completion

Building inclusive curriculum &

Industry & academic certication

Scaling through partners

Current Partnerships

Mapping partners