Partner Services

Special Edge is a partnership program that offers inclusive learning materials and methodology that can be implemented in a classroom to address needs of children with learning lags.
Special Edge content is based on National Curriculum Framework (NCF) 2005 thus making it acceptable across India.

Special Edge Partnership Program

Sol’s ARC Partners with

Partnership Models

Remedial Model
  • Part-time method implemented as a school or after school program
  • To achieve foundation skills in literacy & numeracy
Whole School Model
  • To achieve grade level equivalency
  • Incorporated in the existing full time school program
  • Subjects covered are English, Math, EVS and life skills
Cluster Model
  • Parent organisation brings together multiple smaller organisations and builds their capacity to implement the Special Edge program
Customized Model
  • To improve learning outcomes as per the beneciary needs of the partner
  • Customized pedagogy training & program framework as per the needs of the partner & beneciaries