Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

About Us

Sol’s ARC is a registered non-prot organization established in 2003, under the Charitable Trust Act of Mumbai, working towards transforming education. We conduct innovative education research to build inclusive learning content, ensuring every child can learn and that our innovation will reach the last mile. We achieve our vision of no child left behind through our schools, therapies & partnerships.

Our journey

  • Registered as Charitable Trust
  • Started with remedial therapy
  • Within a year extended to other services
  • Started franchisee in Kandivli, Mumbai (1st)
  • Started India’s 1st parallel school offering curriculum for children with learning lags
  • Began research and curriculum development
  • Started franchisee in Byculla, Mumbai (2nd)
  • Consultation and training for school and other organisations
  • Pilot studies conducted
  • Project validation with National and International Agencies
  • Focus on capacity building
  • Standardisation of primary level curriculum
  • Partnership with 2 organisations for scaling curriculum to reach out 25000 children in states of Maharashtra and Rajasthan


No child Left Behind.


Universalize educational opportunities for all individuals in India through appropriate research based inclusive pedagogy, training and delivery.


To create a scalable replicable model to reach every last child.

Our Innovation

Over 150 million children in India have some form of learning lags resulting in low learning outcomes and high rates of unemployment!

We have developed a unique framework that makes the national curriculum inclusive and accessible for individuals with learning lags from preschool to higher education. We believe that this innovation will be one of the key factors in reversing the statistics signicantly.

Stories from the ground

Shaunak was a very bright child with difficulties in reading and writing.

After undergoing intervention at Sol’s ARC for a year, Shaunak is doing extremely well and now loves writing and has penned several stories on his own.

Thousands of other children like Shaunak have benefitted from the Sol’s ARC program to overcome their learning lags and are on the path to completing their education.


Special Edge is a partnership
program that offers inclusive learning materials and methodology that can be implemented in a classroom to address needs of children with learning lags.

The content is based on National
Curriculum Framework (NCF) 2005 thus making it acceptable across India.

Pathways is a 3-year Associate
Vocational Degree Program with academic and industry certication, providing a career path for young special needs adult .

Pathways will scale through partnerships and collaboration, by 2020.